Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Compartment Code : Dividing your Life in Different Compartments !

Compartment COde may be defined as Creating Departments in your Life.
Life has many Compartments. Viz. Work, Friends, Sex, Love, Family.
If we know how to devide the same in different Zones,
then we win half the battle - CALLED LIFE.

If we face some problem at work.
but we are happy in our love life.
then the moment we get out of our WORK,
we have reason to SMile !

but if we tend to mix up things.
then definitely we will end up messing up things.
and we may not be happy at the end of the day.

there should definitely be balance in all the compartments in the life.
we should know how to become the most succesful at work.
how to become a great lover.
and how to hang out with friends.

if you had a bad day at work
but if your sister needs you for her recent breakup with her boyfriend,
then she surely needs you
and being a different compartment.
you should give your hundred percent to give her emotional support.

Creating different compartments will also give you more reason to smile
it will give you a more challenging but yet a secured life.
it will give you an amazing self confidence,
where you are confident enough that if you lack at one field of life,
then suely has another field waiting for you.

For example, if you have maintained a good social life of Friends.
inspite of being a very busy business person.
then surely if you had a bad day at work.
then you would have your friends around you.

Definitely its very challenging to create compartments in your life.
Human nature is very emotional.
so we tend to break the line of compartments, sometimes.. if we get too emotional.
but if we know how to deal with the situation
then we are the strongest human being in this world.

Extremeties can be dangerous in creating compartments.
there should be a perfect balance.
otherwise we might be termed a very rude, or over sweet sometimes.

Lastly.. Creating a Compartment Code may be defined as the code of Peace and Happiness
if we know how to decode this... then we are the luckiest and the best.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hi Friends..
My First Attempt to Start a Blogger....

Well... First of all I am very happy to see 25,000 Visitors on my website.
in just 5 years i reached this landmark.
Its a honour for a personal website like this.

Its been a Very good time...

I started building a website just for an experiment.
i wanted an identity in the world of internet.
i wanted to make people know me as
and i am happy to reach that Dream.

now after 5 years, i am trying to add this new concept called :
this is the latest in the world of internet.

I hope i will be able to share my Views with people around the world.
its a nice platform to know more people.
and to understand more things.

Right now i am not able to chose a topic to start this blogger
so i just discussed about my website.

i hope to receive some views from you.